PTFE Gasket



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PTFE gaskets are the ideal choice for highly corrosive environments which do not include beer or wine. PTFE is a versatile material, similar to Teflon, with a broad range of resistivity to chemicals and temperatures (-100°F - 450°F), and virtually no extractables. PTFE is a plastic, however, and is subject to creep and cold flow. PTFE gaskets should be used almost exclusively with high pressure clamps and are not recommended where large temperature variations occur. 

PTFE Gasket

    • Temperature Range: -100°F to +400° F
    • Acid Resistance: Excellent
    • Alkali Resistance: Excellent
    • Petroleum Oil Resistance: Excellent
    • Vegetable Oil Resistance: Excellent
    • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    • Compression Resistance: Excellent
    • Ethanol < 10%: Excellent
    • Ethanol 10% to 40%: Excellent
    • Ethanol > 40%: Excellent

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